This is us.

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This is us.  

MinDog on the right, Metch on the left.

The photo was taken by Christine Jean Chambers.  

This photo is exactly how we are/what we are…just short of being clowns…that’s what I think today…  

We came to tumblr since google kept alerting us that  tumblr users(is that what people who use tumblr are called?) liked or posted or reblogged photos of us.  For example here and here.  We came, we saw…we decided to become tumblr users too. 

Now, prepare yourself for encounters with the oldest-youngest children in the world:

MinDog and Metch.

We love you here at FYEW! I’m the one who posts you all the time. But it seems to be deactivated? 🙁

(via fuckyeahethnicwomen)

This is me. Christine Jean.
Photographer/Writer/ Swiss Army Knife